Shutting down Sunshine

Board of Supervisors drags on appointing disabled person to task force, leaving it in political limbo


EDITORIAL The unwillingness of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to follow the City Charter's rules on open government has reached a new level of absurdity: The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force voted July 11 to stop meeting, because the supervisors wouldn't appoint the legally mandated members.

Technically, the fuss is over a provision in the law creating the Task Force that mandates one member must be a physically disabled person with a demonstrated interest in open-government issues. That was written into the law in part because access to meetings for people with disabilities is an ongoing area of concern.

But the supervisors refused to reappoint Bruce Wolfe, a longtime task force member who met that criterion — and who had the respect of independent and progressive leaders all over town. And none of the six people the board did appoint qualify as physically disabled.

So the City Attorney's Office advised the task force that it would be violating the charter if it met and took any action — and although the chance that the courts would invalidate task force decisions might be slim, the members could face fines. So the panel did the prudent thing and quit meeting.

Now, for all practical purposes, there is no Sunshine Ordinance Task Force, and it will be in legal and political limbo until the supervisors appoint a disabled member.

That follows on the heels of the board refusing — for the first time since the creation of the task force in 1999 — to seat the nominees of the Society of Professional Journalists, New American Media, and the League of Women Voters. Those organizations were given the right to submit names for three seats as a way to ensure that some of the task force members were from outside City Hall and represented media and good-government groups.

So the agency that it supposed to protect the public's right to access records and meetings has been stacked with City Hall-friendly appointees and now is unable even to hear complaints.

There's no question that some supervisors are annoyed with the task force, in part because it's issued some rulings that board members disagreed with. But the task force is supposed to come down on the side of public access whenever possible, and if the agency is doing its job, it's going to piss off politicians. The response shouldn't be to seek retribution by denying its ability to function.

The supervisors are demanding that SPJ, NAM and the League submit new lists of nominees, with multiple names, which is unprecedented and difficult: These grassroots groups are supposed to line up a group of volunteers for a difficult, time-consuming, unpaid job — then tell them that all but one of them will be rejected by the supervisors? Who's going to want to be in that position?

The three organizations should hold their ground, resubmit their nominees and ask the supervisors to follow the City Charter. And the City Attorney's Office needs to offer some clarity here: Can the supervisors, in a fit of pique, shut down a Charter mandated watchdog agency? Really?



Jason Grant Garza here .... well, the elephant in the room, the nutter spouting off ... ha,ha,ha. The MINISTRY of SUNSHINE is having problems ... take a NUMBER. It offers NO ENFORCEMENT just city "risk management" shill action. HOW MUCH has teh city saved when people realize the farce and give up ... if they can not get help at SUNSHINE ... do you think that they think they will get help in court? How many cases were sent to ETHICS for "OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT" and NO RESULT? In case # 11099 when the city denied me health care and my own medical records ... I sunshined them for the CORRECT INFORMATION as to whom accredits them. Didn't get it and the MINISTRY said: They provided what they have and we can not make them provided something they do not have. So the Department of Public Health does NOT know who "ACCREDITS" them for the patient/medical care side of operations? They didn't even send Garcia to ETHICS for NOT showing up and NO KNOWLEDGEABLE REPRESENTATIVE (violation 6721.e)

Yes Virginia ... RIGGED is as RIGGED does!

This commotion over the the(TOKEN) physical handicapped person is NOT the "OFFICIAL DISABILITY REPRESENTATIVE" just someone with a disability to give the appearance of concern, compassion and help. Shall we ask Mr. Wolfe ... HOW long does it take to get a HIPAA expert for cases # 11038 and # 11081 where the city conceded. I still await holding their "feet to the fire" in SUNSHINE yet the RIGGED PROCESS is not providing DUE PROCESS. How many more months? Investigate case @ 11081 ... listen to the tape on Nov 2011 and the rules and compliance hearing tape in May 2012 to see the coverup, whitewash and Mr. Wolfe falsely claim that JUSTICE has been served?

Then in Dec 2011 I sunshined (IDR) Ms. Johnson, Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Rustom for for the name of the "OFFICIAL DISABILITY REPRESENTATIVE" which to date they still have not scheduled ... call and ask Andrea (554-7724) or Angela (Clerk of BOS 554-5184) and ask Angela why she will NOT take my complaint and start and investigation into sunshine as I have repeatedly requested to expose the fraud, failure and false hope?

Yes, this and much more was discussed during the TWO HOURS that the MINISTRY meet on 7/11/2012 in which I spoke and it is on tape. So if you type my name into a google search engine you will read many many many other comments over SUNSHINE, it's failures, my attempts to correct and naturally the ILLUSION continues.

Better yet, go to to see ... ENJOY.

Call and ask why is the IDR that I sent in Dec 2011 requesting ADA information and the name of the TASK FORCE'S "Official Disability Representative" has NOT been scheduled ... call Andrea (554-7724).

Yes, Virginia RIGGED as can be ... with a smile on their face offering false hope and claiming false HELP ... where are my medical records, the HIPPA expert, the name of the "Official Disability Representative", the referral to ETHICS for Garcia, the CORRECT information as to who "ACCREDITS" DPH, and the list goes on.

"Telling the TRUTH during times of UNIVERSAL DECEIT is a REVOLUTIONARY Act." George Orwell

Don't believe me ... go to or just stick your head int he sand as NO supervisor has called me over this and NO newspaper ... yes, WE REALLY CARE, ha,ha,ha. Go to the website and see just a taste of the paperwork I have and NO CALLS form my officials nor the newspapers ... WHY? It is ILLUSION ...

I mean I can not even get the INCORRECT City Attorney advise investigated, remedied or even corrected for others as the city attorney will NOT allow escalation nor investigation ( I have the paperwork and notes) as this would prove me correct and hold them accountable ... see how the GAME is played ... now they will just move on the NEXT VICTIM ... possibly YOU! Call and ask TARA or ALLIE (554-4748) why Mr. Herrera will not take my calls and efforts to escalate this INJUSTICE. "Rigged is as Rigged Does."

However a MINISTRY without enforcement makes a GREAT "RISK MANAGEMENT" Shill for the city ... how many have given up after the failures of SUNSHINE? By the way, where are the SUPERVISORS and Mr. St. Croix in their "Official Misconduct" before ETHICS that the MINISTRY sent up .... again, HA, HA,HA. Results ... NONE; False promise, false hope, false process .... PRICELESS.

You can forget about JUSTICE, HONOR and HUMANITY.

Again this will NOT be the TASK FORCE'S "OFFICIAL DISABILITY REPRESENTATIVE" just a token to give the appearance and illusion ... shall we ask the talented Mr. Wolfe how long it takes to get a HIPAA expert even after the other side concedes? Where my DUE PROCESS or even DISABILITY REPRESENTATIVE ... what a FARCE.This was for an IDR I sent in Sept 2011 ... where's my JUSTICE, DUE PROCESS, speedy decision, or even accountability thru the MINISTRY? It is now JULY ... 10 months later ...

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Jul. 18, 2012 @ 7:11 am

It's amazing that some people are able to turn every editorial on sunshine its an editorial about their perceived wrongs.

Posted by Greg on Jul. 19, 2012 @ 6:28 am

Jason Grant Garza here ... what is even more AMAZING is those trying to DISTRACT from the TRUTH in SUNSHINE. Those who can not handle the INCONVENIENT TRUTH always try to deflect, defer or distract from the REALITY ... a clever GAME of MISDIRECTION ... no look here and NOT HERE. Yes, Virginia the TRUTH is that the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE is just that ILLUSION ... don't believe me ... go to for an article here in the BAY GUARDIAN entitled FIXING SF'S SUNSHINE PROBLEMS ... there it lists all.

Oh, and GREG thank you for compassion and understand when faced with the INCONVENIENT TRUTH since you probably went to and saw the HOW the GAME is played.

Again ... the TRUTH will OUT.

P.S. Greg since you are so concerned did you call sunshine 554-7724 and ask or again is this just an effort to distract from the INCONVENIENT TRUTH?

Go to to see the SUNSHINE papers, the ETHICS papers and the INNOCENT VINDICATED LEFT for DEAD VICTIM ... any more questions?

Again thank you for your caring and compassion ... it matched what I got from the city after they signed the confession/settlement agreement admitting fault and guilt for BREAKING FEDERAL LAW ... however, I went to the PROFESSIONALS and SUNSHINE ... shall we see what ETHICS did to NURSE RATCHED? Oh, who was NURSE RATCHED ... it is in the paperwork at ... I am sure they retired to the "GOOD LIFE" while the INNOCENT VINDICATED VICTIM twists in the wind ...

Again, I will continue to tell the INCONVENIENT TRUTH is it is NOT to your liking ... TURN the CHANNEL.

Remember ... SUNSHINE is to CLEAN and DISINFECT and sooo many are truly Affected. (Morally, ethically, spiritually, etc)

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Jul. 19, 2012 @ 10:09 am

I like this editorial so much I've excerpted a big chunk of it and have shared it on my blog:

Let's hope more San Franciscans get educated about the importance of sunshine for all of us and how vital it is to local democracy, not to mention keeping tabs on City Hall.

Posted by MPetrelis on Jul. 19, 2012 @ 1:56 pm

Jason Grant Garza here ... Thank you M. Petreilis for your comment regarding the IMPORTANCE of SUNSHINE (I believe you mean a working and accountable one) is to all of us and democracy. I totally agree under the premise of working and accountable; however that has NOT been the case. I listened to the June 2012 SOTF hearing (that was adjorned because the city had NOT composed a viable body per the charter) and in that I believe that you mentioned that you helped work on the ordinance because of the IMPORTANCE of AIDS patients to receive timely records. I commend you on that and again agree.

Unfortunately, what you labored for is what is NOT at the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE. The process is a FARCE with no ENFORCEMENT and I say this because I too went to get medical records (see case # 10038 and # 11081) where the city gave incorrect city attorney advise regarding HIPAA and I still await the JUSTICE months if not years later. Now the other side has conceded that I am correct ... yet NO LUMPS, NO CORRECTION, NO DUE PROCESS, NO ACCOUNTABILITY and as such a WHITEWASH.

SUNSHINE is GREAT; yet, this is NOT SUNSHINE rather a clever "RISK MANAGEMENT" shill for the city ...

Go to to see what SUNSHINE, ETHICS, DPH, the City Attorney and the Federal Court System did and naturally the CONSEQUENCES and to whom ...

Again, I agree in principle of SUNSHINE to clean and disinfect ... however, WE DO NOT have this here ... we just have a failing and unaccountable process ... as specific example ... where is my DUE PROCESS over HIPAA? Yes, as you labored for medical care rights ... I've been screwed over my medical rights (HIPAA) and I have the proof ( the other side conceded over HIPAA) yet NO right to DUE PROCESS, etc here at the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE ...

Go and listen to the tape ... there you will hear me ask the chair what happens if I am proven correct months later (regarding HIPAA as I have been) and the response I got was LAUGHTER.

Again the TRUTH will OUT.

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Jul. 20, 2012 @ 7:00 am

Jason Grant Garza here ... 7/31/2012 and if you look above you will note my comments on the failure of SUNSHINE in concept, application and accountability. As my cases before the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE in which I STILL AWAIT demonstrate the process is rigged and a TOTAL FARCE ...

To further carry the theme ... go to yesterday's article ...

Berkeley schools hide harass case's cost at

"For the past year, Berkeley officials have balked at disclosing how much they spent defending Smith. In July 2011 and again in September, California Watch wrote to the district, citing the Public Records Act and asking for records of the expenditures. The district didn't respond.

In November 2011, the First Amendment Coalition in San Rafael also made a Public Records Act request for the information. There was no response - just "a total, Kremlin-like institutional silence," said Executive Director Peter Scheer.

State law requires all public agencies to respond to a records request within 10 days, either making the information public, estimating how long it will take to provide information or citing a legal reason for keeping it secret.

"The kindest explanation is that the school district is so disorganized and incompetent that public records requests simply fall through the cracks again and again," Scheer said. "A less charitable explanation would be that they've simply adopted as internal policy a strategy of ignoring legal requests for records."

Again another EXAMPLE of OFFICIALS not performing and worse yet ... what is the CONSEQUENCE ( to them) for NOT PERFORMING ... I still await my records, the HIPAA expert, an investigation and complaint procedure which I was told by Angela (554-5184 clerk - BOS) which has NOT appeared as they do NOT want the paperwork to prove the FARCE ... no complaints, no investigation, no fix ... just the continuation of the lies and fraud that they care and are there to help. This is a culture of deceit, fraud and NOT following the LAW (SUNSHINE) ... I mean what is the consequence ... the same as KING MAYOR ... no investigation, etc

The ILLUSION continues at the MINISTRY ... note I still have NOT received the scheduling of an IDR I sent in Dec 2011 as I spoke of above.

Go to to see the GAME. paperwork and HOW NOTHING changes ...

What ...
No contact from Weiner over SUNSHINE with what I have?
No contact form newspapers with what I have?
No complaint or investigation process for SUNSHINE by BOS (Angela- 554-5184)?
No response from ETHICS regarding new "OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT" rules, etc and reopening past cases that they did INCORRECTLY?
No CORRECT information as to "who accredits DPH for patient/medical care"?
NO HIPPA EXPERT? NO accountability for the delay and incorrect information (legal interpretation) of my HIPAA rights in SUNSHINE by the city attorney?
No complaint/investigation/escalation procedure for the above city attorney HARM? How do you correct?
NO HOPE, NO HUMANITY ... however, many many many many lies about how they care and are responsible .... any more QUESTIONS?

FALSE BELIEF, FALSE HOPE are more damaging and HARMFUL than NO HELP.

Again check out and tell me WHAT has changed?

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Jul. 31, 2012 @ 7:00 am

Jason Grant Garza here ... Aug 3rd 2012 and still NOTHING from SUNSHINE (the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE) in my cases or for that fact ANY other.

For the last THREE (3) MONTHS no TASK FORCE HEARINGS (not that they are effective), NO INVESTIGATION into their "RIGGED CORRUPT" non-producing results, no EXPLANATION of the DELAY on the SUPERVISOR'S "Official Misconduct" sent to ETHICS who will sit in JUDGMENT over the ROSS (what ETHICS' COMMISSION ???) FIASCO seeking a "POUND of FLESH" in its false mantra while proving that they (ETHICS) are rigged by NOT following up on the MAYOR'S testimony ....

Yes, Virginia it is ALL RIGGED. How long does ONE have to file a claim against the city (30 days) and if you can not get the paperwork because you are poor ...
You go to the false hope, false help delaying SUNSHINE TASK FORCE ...

Now that they HAVE not meet for HEARINGS (June,July,Aug) .... they were CANCELED.

Who is in charge, who is accountable? As you will find out ... NO ONE but they all claim care ....

Again, if you are ready for the TRUTH go to

So I guess the SUPERVISORS that were sent to ETHICS (for "OFFICIAL MISCONDUCT") will NOT have to worry when they run for re-election as they sit in JUDGMENT over ROSS ... squeaky clean ??? Ha,ha,ha.

Keep Drinking the KOOL AIDE ... interlaced to FAIL ... but they care and lead by EXAMPLE ??? ... ha,ha,ha.

Oh, I still have NOT heard from ETHICS regarding the "RULES and STANDARDS" change ... when will I be "NOTIFIED" of these developments and how they relate to past cases (NURSE RATCHED - see paperwork at ) and the re-opening of these cases since it would be the "ETHICAL" thing to do. I am still waiting .... ha,ha,ha.


Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Aug. 03, 2012 @ 7:50 am

Jason Grant Garza here ... August 5th 2012 ....

Here's a copy of the IDR I sent in 12/26/2011 to the MINISTRY of SUNSHINE ... still awaiting .... any more QUESTIONS? Isn't his past the 45 days, didn't I send it NOT only to the TASK FORCE but also to the CHAIR and VICE CHAIR's personal address (I did) and it still HAS NOT BEEN SCHEDULED???

Let the GAMES continue ... oh and STILL NO HIPAA EXPERT ...

No Due Process, No Humanity, No Compassion, No Advocacy, No Truth, No Hope ...

Go to to see HOW the GAME is PLAYED.

Enjoy: You could call Andrea (Clerk - SOTF - 554-7724) or Angela (Clerk - BOS - 554-5184) and ask ... mind you it is August for an IDR that WAS LEGALLY REQUIRED to be ANSWERED bu 12/27/2011 ... what delay, what justice, what hope ?


Mr. Wolfe, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Rustom and To Whom It May Concern:

Please be sure to forward this to the Custodian of Records, department head or who ever is in charge for compliance per the regulations for correct process.

Pursuant to all relevant provisions of the California Government Codes (Ralph M. Brown Act et al.) and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, California Records Act, and the Federal FOIA Act - I would like to request a copy of the following:

All documents generated, emails, correspondence, logs, notes of conversation, notes of phone calls concerning:


2.) The CORRECT information as to the CORRECT city, state and federal agencies to complain to regarding SOTF’s failing methodology ... basically who oversees this agency.

3.) Please send me the CORRECT information as to the CORRECT city, state and federal agencies to file an ADA PROGRAMMATIC ACCESS and ADA complaints with and notify of the ADA non help.. Please realize that as the requester I am notifying you that if you DO NOT understand what I am requesting to contact me IMMEDIATELY for written/documented clarification. Please realize that you MUST work with the requester to get him what is clearly required and if you DO NOT understand what is clearly required ... do NOT hesitate to contact the requester.

4.) Please also send me ALL enforcement agencies (city, state and federal) where the PROGRAMMATIC ACCESS and an ADA complaint can be filed and investigated. In other words WHERE do I CORRECTLY go to ... the San Francisco Police Department and file and ADA complaint with them for denial of access and accommodation and have the perps arrested?

This request includes all paperwork sent, received, emailed or any other form of transmittal to all involved. This request includes all paperwork sent, received, emailed or any other form of transmittal from all involved. This request also includes all internal documentation generated by this matter also. (From inception to present date) ... for example any documentation, notes, logs, tapes, emails, etc from any individual to any other individual regarding any matter concerning this matter, its handling, deposition, etc.


Jason Grant Garza

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Aug. 05, 2012 @ 6:45 am