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BOOKS ISSUE: Short reviews of great books and comics

Katie Longue's RÖK is a comic featuring Loki and other Norse gods.

Owners Taylor Boetticher and Toponia Miller of the Fatted Calf Charcuterie (with locations in Hayes Valley and Napa, and a weekly presence at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market) just published their first cookbook, which reads like a whole world of meat. It delves into the origins of herding animals and where to find good local meat, and into making your own sausages, pâtés, smoked ham, bacon, and meatloaf, as well as complements like leaf-lard biscuits and dried fruit in brandy. "We wrote this book for anyone who's a little curious about making the most out of the meat they buy and cook, from enthusiastic novices to seasoned professionals," Boetticher told the Guardian (read the full interview at Charcuterie may require patience and finesse, but the salty results are unrivaled. (Kaylen Baker)



Nowhere Men Vol. 1: Fates Worse Than Death

By Eric Stephenson (story); Nate Bellegarde (art); Jordie Bellaire (art)

Multinational World Corp. is led by the Beatles of science, four famous and wealthy researchers who want to use their mountains of capital and brilliance for the common good. Unfortunately for humanity, they're awful at it — but fortunately for us, watching these scientists go Dr. Frankenstein and create a range of mutants with imaginative powers makes for a great read. Though Nowhere Men — published by Berkeley's Image Comics and written by one of their execs, Eric Stephenson — treads over the familiar ground of laboratory experiments gone wrong, watching the scientists' morals degrade and waiting for their comeuppance is oh-so-satisfying. Sure, their test subjects sprout lasers from their necks, but the real entertainment comes from the crumbling relationships between the science rock stars themselves. It's like catching a glimpse into the thoughts that may haunt Bill Gates: When you have the money and intelligence to shape the world, how will you do it ... and what gives you the right? (Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez)

Doctor Lollipop #1

By Miss Kelly Martin

The funny and twisted Doctor Lollipop — by San Franciscan Kelly Martin — was picked up by the creators of Adventure Time just a few months ago for a series of animated web shorts. So there's no better time to grab the print version of the imaginative, surgical fairy tale. Yep, you read that right. Lollipop is a unicorn with a stethoscope, and Fancy Forest is facing imminent peril: a case of THE GRUMPIES! The doctor warns those infected not to worry because "like prostate cancer, the key to curing the grumpies lies in early detection." It's like a comic version of ER, only instead of anesthetic the orderlies show patients pictures of kittens, stat! As per the good doctor's orders, this comic is probably best read with the aid of herbal medication. Facebook: Dr. Lollipop; (Fitzgerald Rodriguez)

RÖK, Issues #1-4

By Katie Longua


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