Goldies 2014



The Goldies are silver! The San Francisco Bay Guardian celebrates the 25th annual Goldies — if you're new here, that stands for Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards — with a special issue celebrating nine emerging Bay Area artists and groups who're producing exciting, intelligent, provocative work. Gazing into our glittery crystal ball, we predict great things ahead for their careers. And that's not all: We also honor one veteran performer whose wide-reaching influence has been a beacon of inspiration for over three decades.

Join us and the 2014 winners Fri/21 at a GOLDIES PARTY ($10 gets you all the Lagunitas you can guzzle!) benefiting grassroots arts and culture venue CounterPULSE. Wear gold, because it's time to shine! 



COMEDY: Sean Keane

DANCE/FILM: San Francisco Dance Film Festival

MUSIC: The Seshen



VISUAL ART: Michelle Ramin

FILM: Malic Amalya

MUSIC: DJ Nebakaneza


All photos by Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover


With DJ Primo Pitino and DJ Wam Bam Ashleyanne

Fri/21, 8-11pm, $10

Folsom Street Foundry 1425 Folsom, SF 


The AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy has been established with a very well-defined make-believe goal: to develop the revolutionary new make-believe technologies that will enable us to harness the power of Make-Believe Energy for the make-believe benefit of all mankind.

It should come as no surprise that Make-Believe Energy can only be harnessed by make-believe engines.

That is why the AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy is indeed currently prototyping an amazing array of make-believe engines which in fact are now scheduled to be validated TOMORROW.

All varieties of make-believe energy will fall into one of the following categories:

1) Energy that is ruled out by the Law of Conservation of Energy.

2) Energy that is ruled out by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

3) Energy that perhaps is not ruled out directly by the fundamental laws of physics, but is nonetheless ruled out by facts of nature.

Here at the AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy, we are pleased to announce that we are currently prototyping various make-believe engines that harness various forms of make-believe energy, in all three of the categories defined above! Indeed, our prototyping work has actually advanced to the point that we are now scheduled to validate each of these make-believe engines no later than tomorrow!!

Posted by AESOP Institute Of Make-Believe Energy on Feb. 23, 2014 @ 10:10 am


Mark Goldes’ “Aesop Institute” is simply an elaborate fraud.

I. Overview.

The professional charlatan Mark Goldes, starting in the mid-seventies, engaged for several years in the pretense that his company SunWind Ltd was developing a nearly production-ready, road-worthy, wind-powered “windmobile,” based on the windmobile invented by James Amick; and that therefore SunWind would be a wonderful investment opportunity.

After SunWind “dried up” in 1983, Goldes embarked on the long-running pretense that his company Room Temperature Superconductors Inc was developing room-temperature superconductors; and that therefore Room Temperature Superconductors Inc would be a wonderful investment opportunity. He continues the pretense that the company developed something useful, even to this day.

And then Goldes embarked on the pretense that his company Magnetic Power Inc was developing “NO FUEL ENGINES” based on “Virtual Photon Flux;” and then, on the pretense that MPI was developing horn-powered “NO FUEL ENGINES” based on the resonance of magnetized tuning-rods; and then, on the pretense that his company Chava LLC (aka “Chava Energy”) was developing water-fueled engines based on “collapsing hydrogen orbits” (which are ruled out by quantum physics); and then, on the pretense that he was developing strictly-ambient-heat-powered “NO FUEL ENGINES” (which are ruled out by the Second Law of Thermodynamics).

But of course, the laws of physics always make an exception for the make-believe pretenses of Mark Goldes.

Goldes’ forty-year career of “revolutionary breakthrough” pretense has nothing to do with science, but only with pseudoscience, pseudophysics, and relentless flimflam, in pursuit of loans and donations from gullible people who never mastered physics very well.

Mark Goldes’ “Aesop Institute” has engaged for many years in the very dishonest and unscrupulous practice of soliciting loans and donations under an endless series of false pretenses, that it is developing and even “prototyping” various “revolutionary breakthroughs,” such as “NO FUEL ENGINES” that run on ambient heat alone – or run on “Virtual Photon Flux” – or on “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” – or even on the acoustic energy of sound from a horn.

Aesop Institute’s make-believe strictly ambient heat engine is ruled out by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This has been understood by physicists for at least 180 years. There is no “new science” that has ever determined such an engine to be possible.

Aesop Institute’s make-believe “Virtual Photon Flux” engine is based on the idea that accessible electric power “is everywhere present in unlimited quantities” – which we know to be false.

Aesop Institute’s make-believe “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” engine is based on Randell Mills’ theory of “hydrino” hydrogen, which every scientist knows to be false.

Aesop Institute’s make-believe horn-powered engine is based on the pretense that a magnetized tuning rod could somehow “multiply energy” – a ludicrous notion, which is obviously ruled out by the law of conservation of energy.

Aesop Institute’s very latest make-believe engine is a perpetual motion machine in the form of a self-powered air compressor, which proposes to use a turbine to compress air to spin the turbine to compress air to spin the turbine.

Aesop Institute has never offered the slightest shadow of evidence that it is actually developing or “prototyping” any of these make-believe physics-defying “revolutionary breakthroughs.” All it has ever offered are mere declarations that it is doing so – unsupported by any proof whatever, of any kind whatever.

There are no “revolutionary breakthroughs” to be found on Goldes’ fraudulent “Aesop Institute” website. There is only pseudoscience, relentless flimflam, and empty claims of engines that are ruled out by the laws of physics.

II. Goldes’ “POWERGENIE” Horn-Powered Tuning-Rod Engine Flimflam

In appreciation of its entertainment value, let’s look at another example of Mark Goldes’ wonderful offerings in “revolutionary new technology:”

The amazing “POWERGENIE!”

One of the most laughable of Mark Goldes’ many pseudotypes is his “POWERGENIE” horn-powered generator. The brilliant idea of this revolutionary breakthrough is to blow a horn at a magnetized tuning rod, designed to resonate at the frequency of the horn, and then collect the electromotive energy produced by the vibrations of the rod.

We’re not making this up.

POWERGENIE tuning rod engine explained – from the patent:

[The device incorporates] “an energy transfer and multiplier element being constructed of a ferromagnetic substance… having a natural resonance, due to a physical structure whose dimensions are directly proportional to the wavelength of the resonance frequency…

“In this resonant condition, the rod material functions as a tuned waveguide, or longitudinal resonator, for acoustic energy…

“Ferrite rod 800 is driven to acoustic resonance at the second harmonic of its fundamental resonant frequency by acoustic horn 811…”

- But the patent doesn’t tell us who will volunteer to blow the horn at the rod all day. Perhaps it will come with an elephant.

Mark Goldes claimed in 2008 that this wonderful triumph of human genius would bring his company, Magnetic Power Inc, one billion dollars in annual revenue by 2012. Magnetic Power is now defunct, having never produced any “Magnetic Power Modules” – just as Goldes’ company called “Room Temperature Superconductors Inc” is also now defunct, having never produced any “room temperature superconductors.”

III. Goldes’ Strictly Ambient Heat Engine Flimflam

In Mark Goldes’ patent application for his ludicrous “POWERGENIE” horn-powered tuning-rod engine, he described the tuning-rod as “an energy transfer and multiplier element.”

But of course, for the tuning-rod to “multiply” energy, it would need to disprove the law of conservation of energy.

Goldes’ use of the term “energy multiplier element” reflected his pretense that the “revolutionary breakthrough” of the amazing “POWERGENIE” could disprove the law of conservation of energy, by presenting the world with a working “energy multiplier.”

Goldes even claimed in 2008 that the POWERGENIE had been demonstrated already in an electric car, driven 4800 miles by his energy-multiplying horn-powered tuning-rod.

But it seems that most people, for some reason, had difficulty accepting the notion that the law of conservation of energy could be proven false.

And Goldes no doubt noticed that the Second Law of Thermodynamics – that “the entropy of an isolated system tends to increase with time and can never decrease” – is much less clear to most people than the conservation of energy.

So now, after leaving aside the pretense that he could somehow “multiply energy” with a magnetized tuning-rod, Goldes has chosen to focus, instead, on the pretense that he can disprove the Second Law with an engine powered only by ambient heat.

There is no “new science” in any of Goldes’ “revolutionary breakthroughs.” There is only pseudoscience and pretense – and nothing new, at all.

Mark Goldes’ proofless claims regarding his make-believe strictly ambient heat engine do not represent any new technology, or even a new pretense – they merely represent a rather old pretense.

“Before the establishment of the Second Law, many people who were interested in inventing a perpetual motion machine had tried to circumvent the restrictions of First Law of Thermodynamics by extracting the massive internal energy of the environment as the power of the machine. Such a machine is called a “perpetual motion machine of the second kind”. The second law declared the impossibility of such machines.”

“A perpetual motion machine of the second kind is a machine which spontaneously converts thermal energy into mechanical work. When the thermal energy is equivalent to the work done, this does not violate the law of conservation of energy. However it does violate the more subtle second law of thermodynamics (see also entropy). The signature of a perpetual motion machine of the second kind is that there is only one heat reservoir involved… This conversion of heat into useful work, without any side effect, is impossible, according to the second law of thermodynamics.”

Goldes’ make-believe strictly ambient heat engine would be a perpetual motion machine of the second kind, as defined above. Goldes is not developing any such engine; he is merely developing a pretense – as usual.

The Kelvin-Planck formulation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics may be stated as follows:

“No cyclic process driven simply by heat can accomplish the absorption of the heat from a reservoir and the conversion of such heat into work – without any other result (such as a transfer of heat to a cooler reservoir).”

Now, as you will see, the Clausius formulation of the Second Law may be stated with fewer words:

“No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a cooler to a hotter body.”

In fact, we can show that the Kelvin-Planck formulation may be deduced from that of Clausius. In the words of Enrico Fermi:

“Suppose that Kelvin’s postulate were not valid. Then we could perform a transformation whose only final result would be to transform completely into work a definite amount of heat taken from a single source at the temperature t1. By means of friction we could then transform this work into heat again and with this heat raise the temperature of a given body, regardless of what its initial temperature, t2, may have been. In particular, we could take t2 to be higher than t1. Thus, the only final result of this process would be the transfer of heat from one body (the source at temperature t1) to another body at a higher temperature, t2. This would be a violation of the Clausius postulate.”

Can anyone make a teapot that boils water by absorbing heat from blocks of ice?

Max Planck, in his “Treatise On Thermodynamics,” explains how the Second Law of Thermodynamics “may be deduced from a single simple law of experience about which there is no doubt.” Here is the “single simple law of experience” he proposes:

“It is impossible to construct an engine which will work in a complete cycle, and produce no effect except the raising of a weight and the cooling of a heat-reservoir.”

This “law of experience” is very similar to a principle suggested by William Thomson (Lord Kelvin):

“It is impossible, by means of inanimate material agency, to derive mechanical effect from any portion of matter by cooling it below the temperature of the coldest of the surrounding objects.”

The “simple law of experience” offered by Planck is therefore commonly known as the “Kelvin-Planck statement” of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. But we see from Planck’s “Treatise” that Planck himself did not quite regard it as a statement of the Second Law, but rather as a “starting point” or postulate from which the Second Law may be deduced.

Here is Planck’s rendition of the Second Law itself:

“The second law of thermodynamics states that there exists in nature for each system of bodies a quantity, which by all changes of the system either remains constant (in reversible processes) or increases in value (in irreversible processes). This quantity is called, following Clausius, the entropy of the system.”

The Second Law of Thermodynamics rules out strictly ambient heat engines.

Expecting an ambient heat engine to do any work, with only one heat reservoir, is exactly equivalent to expecting a teapot to boil water by absorbing heat from a block of ice.

Both processes are ruled out by the very same law – the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

“It is impossible for any device operating on a cycle to produce net work from a single temperature reservoir; the production of net work requires flow of heat from a higher temperature reservoir to a colder reservoir.”

In a strictly ambient heat engine there are not two heat reservoirs at different temperatures; no reservoir would be available at any temperature other than the ambient temperature. Therefore the engine would have to DECREASE the total entropy – and therefore we know for certain that the engine will disappoint us. It will never be able to do any work.

Flow of heat from a block of ice to lukewarm water would also result in a DECREASE of the total entropy.

Once again: Expecting an ambient heat engine to do any work, with only one heat reservoir, is exactly equivalent to expecting a teapot to boil water by absorbing heat from a block of ice. Anyone who claims to be developing a “prototype” of such an engine is only developing a pretense, and nothing more.

IV. Mark Goldes’ “FUEL-FREE TURBINE” Flimflam

Mark Goldes’ latest adventure in flimflam is to declare that a “FUEL-FREE TURBINE invented by a Russian scientist runs on atmospheric pressure.”

But when we read the patent application, we find that actually the turbine does NOT run on atmospheric pressure – it requires compressed air. This is clearly indicated even in the article by Kondrashov posted by Goldes on his flimflam website. Kondrashov says:

“To create a sample of such an engine, you can use ready-made devices, such as a load-bearing element – a low-power turbine module turboshaft turbine engine, and to compress the air… any type of compressor…”

Kondrashov filed his patent application in 2003. No patent was awarded.

Mark Goldes assures us in his note prefacing Kondrashov’s article that “We understand the science behind this jet engine.” But since he incorrectly describes it as an engine powered by “atmospheric pressure” – which it certainly is not – in fact he shows that he doesn’t even understand that the engine requires a supply of compressed air in order to spin at all.

Although Kondrashov does pretend in some of his statements that the turbine will be powered by “atmospheric pressure,” in fact it is evident from his application that the proposed turbine is made to spin only by the use of compressed air.

In his patent application, Kondrashov states:

“To set the above engine in operation, it is necessary to create pressure of working medium (e.g. air) in pneumatic accumulator 18. The compressed air is fed through check valve 19 and/or 20.”

Thus, Kondrashov indicates that an external compressor must be used to fill the turbine’s compressed air tank before the turbine can be started. But he tries to pretend that once the turbine starts to spin, there will be no further reliance on the external compressor – the spinning turbine itself will compress the air that is making the turbine spin. So despite his own false description of the turbine as making use of “low-grade atmospheric energy,” what Kondrashov actually presents in his patent application is a perpetual motion machine in the form of a self-powered air compressor. This is probably the reason why no patent was awarded. It is exactly analogous to trying to use a generator to power a motor to spin the generator to power the motor to spin the generator. It doesn’t work.

V. Goldes’ “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” Hydrino Engine Flimflam

Mark Goldes’ make-believe “water-fueled engine” supposedly involving “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” is nothing more than copy-cat flimflam based on Randell Mills’ bogus theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics” (CQM) and “hydrino” hydrogen.

“In this paper, we have considered the theoretical foundations of the hydrino hypothesis, both within the theoretical framework of CQM, in which hydrinos were originally suggested, and within standard quantum mechanics. We found that CQM is inconsistent and has several serious deficiencies. Amongst these are the failure to reproduce the energy levels of the excited states of the hydrogen atom, and the absence of Lorentz invariance. Most importantly, we found that CQM does not predict the existence of hydrino states! Also, standard quantum mechanics cannot encompass hydrino states, with the properties currently attributed to them. Hence there remains no theoretical support of the hydrino hypothesis.”

VI. Goldes’ “Virtual Photon Flux” Engine Flimflam

The make-believe “Virtual Photon Flux” engine is merely another exercise in flimflam, which Goldes has evidently judged to be played out, since he hardly mentions it any more.

VII. Conclusion.

Mark Goldes’ forty-year career of “revolutionary breakthrough” pretense has nothing to do with science, but only with pseudoscience, pseudophysics, and relentless flimflam, in pursuit of investments, loans and donations from gullible people who never mastered physics very well.

Posted by Kelfin Planck on Feb. 24, 2014 @ 12:24 am

Hagen Ruff Ejects Number Two Charlatan From Chava Energy – Keeps Number One

Abstract. For four years since it was founded, Chava Energy LLC evidently tried to promote itself chiefly by means of false and fraudulent claims and pretenses, that it was developing “revolutionary energy breakthroughs,” including “Fractional Hydrogen” engines utilizing nonexistent states of hydrogen, magical Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, and magnetic generators supposedly harnessing Zero Point Energy. Recently, much of the material containing these false and ludicrous claims was suddenly removed from the Chava Energy website, although much of the flimflam related to Zero Point Energy still remains. Hagen Ruff, the CEO and Co-founder of Chava Energy, was certainly well aware of the false and fraudulent nature of Chava Energy’s claims and pretenses during four years before the material was removed, and we hold him responsible for the very low standard of honesty which they reflect.

1. After claiming for four years that Chava Energy LLC was some sort of “leader,” Hagen Ruff finally showed some leadership for the very first time by quietly ejecting Chava Energy’s Co-founder, Chief Swindler and Number Two Charlatan, Mark Goldes. Unfortunately, Hagen Ruff left in place the company’s Number One Charlatan – namely, Hagen Ruff.

It was not Mark Goldes, but Hagen Ruff, who chose Mark Goldes to be his co-founder and partner at Chava Energy, even though Mark Goldes’ character as a professional fraud artist and swindler would not have been more obvious if it were stamped on his forehead. And Chava Energy’s five years of fraudcraft have left no room for any doubt that Ruff chose Goldes not in spite of Goldes’ talent for unscrupulous fraud, but precisely because of it.

But never mind that. We still have more reasons to thank and congratulate Hagen Ruff!

We thank and congratulate Hagen Ruff not only for ejecting Chava Energy’s Chief Swindler Mark Goldes, but also for dropping from Chava’s website no less than four out of five of the major heaps of fraudcraft presented by Chava Energy since it was founded. Only one heap remains: the heap known as their Zero Point Energy powered ZPE Generator.

Now, at this point you may be wondering: Why would Mr. Ruff drop four of his five heaps of flimflam, but still hang on to the ZPE Generator, even though it is just as fraudulent as the four heaps that he dropped?

But we’ll return to that later. For now, we just want to say a sad farewell to the four baloney heaps – no no no, the four Revolutionary Breakthroughs that Chava Energy claimed on their website for five years before suddenly removing all traces of them from And what better way could we find to pay homage to baloney, than by quoting some of it?

2. First up: Chava’s amazing Water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” “SPICE” Engine!

Here’s the lovely heap of flimflam that was offered on for the past four years – until it suddenly disappeared:

“Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits – ECHO™ makes possible a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE™

“Chava uses the terms f/H for fractional Hydrogen and for commercial purposes ECHO™ – Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits. Converting Hydrogen to f/H releases hundreds of times the power of Hydrogen combustion with oxygen.

“The energy released from the conversion of one barrel of Hydrogen to fractional Hydrogen is equal to the energy from burning 200 barrels of oil.

“Conversion of Hydrogen to fractional Hydrogen releases hundreds of times more energy than achievable by burning Hydrogen, though not as much energy from a nuclear reaction. However the energy released by conversion to fractional hydrogen is completely safe and does not generate any radioactive products or other hazards from nuclear reactions. Furthermore, the cost will be far lower than from fossil fueled or nuclear plants. ECHO systems may dramatically accelerate independence from fossil fuels.

“Chava work with fractional quantum states of Hydrogen has opened a path to a new concept we call SPICE — Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine.

“A Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE, will open a cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power. Importantly, it can be sized for use in automotive applications. By implementing a revolutionary clean technology as a retrofit for current car engines we can make a very large impact quickly – eliminating pollution from burning fuel in cars and producing a lot of clean energy cheaply. With engines able to run using small amounts of water in a clean and safe way, we can now leave cars running when appropriately parked, as mobile power plants delivering electricity to the grid. Owners with SPICE powered cars would produce far more power than they need to run their homes. SPICE powered cars and trucks could also power places where we work.

“A SPICE in a hybrid car is expected to have a fuel requirement of only one gallon of water for each 1,000 miles of driving… Imagine the positive impact on the economy and the environment of future cars, trucks and buses that need no conventional fuel or recharge, and can pay for themselves over time. This can become a near-term and less expensive alternative to building new coal burning or nuclear power plants.”

Here is what the physicist Andreas Rathke had to say in 2005 about Mills’ theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics,” on which both Mills’ “hydrinos” and Goldes’ “fractional hydrogen” are supposedly based:

“In this paper, we have considered the theoretical foundations of the hydrino hypothesis, both within the theoretical framework of CQM, in which hydrinos were originally suggested, and within standard quantum mechanics. We found that CQM is inconsistent and has several serious deficiencies. Amongst these are the failure to reproduce the energy levels of the excited states of the hydrogen atom, and the absence of Lorentz invariance. Most importantly, we found that CQM does not predict the existence of hydrino states! Also, standard quantum mechanics cannot encompass hydrino states, with the properties currently attributed to them. Hence there remains no theoretical support of the hydrino hypothesis.”

- Well, its over now. Goodbye, SPICE – Chava Energy no longer even mentions you. It seems that you are played out as far as Chava Energy is concerned, even though Randell Mills is still peddling the original “hydrino” baloney at Blacklight Power. Of course, Hagen Ruff knew perfectly well from the start that none of this flimflam was true. But why is it played out for Mr. Ruff, but not for Mr. Mills? This must be very frustrating for poor Mr. Ruff! There is probably nothing more humiliating to a charlatan than to try to copy another charlatan – and fail.

3. Next Up: Chava Energy’s Magical Thermionic Ambient Heat Converters disprove the established laws of physics!

“Chava is planning to introduce a thermionic converter which will extract ambient heat from the environment and efficiently convert this heat into electrical energy.

“At first sight it appears that this system is prohibited by the laws of physics. No power is supplied but, as if by magic, the system pumps heat and transfers it into an electrical load.

“Recent work supports this idea. Xin Yong Fu and Zi Tao Fu at Jiao Tong University, in Shanghai, performed an experiment described in their paper: Realization of Maxwell’s Hypothesis.

“With no magnetic field present, although electrons thermally emitted from one electrode can reach the other, by symmetry the reverse reaction is true and no detectable current flows. However when a magnetic field was applied current flow from one electrode to the other was observed.

“But, where the Chinese device produced only tiny current from the thermal emissions, the Chava AHE Thermionic device is expected to produce significantly higher current, hence much greater power levels.”

The flimflam heap above – recently removed from – quotes a sentence from a certain Proposal by Cyril Smith that leaves the impression that Chava had already created this magical device. In fact, Cyril Smith later wrote a Critique of his own proposal, and it was never “developed” at all.

4. Room-temperature “Ultraconductors” – the amazing room-temperature superconductors that aren’t superconductive, and have never been made useful to anyone.

“Our patented Ultraconductor™ technology provides revolutionary zero resistivity conductive at room temperature polymer materials. Their behavior is identical to that of superconductors, but without the need for cryogenic cooling. “

“ULTRACONDUCTOR™ defined: An electrical conductor, similar to present-day superconductors, having zero measurable electrical resistance in one dimension. They consist of organic polymers that exhibit electrical resistance much lower than the best metallic conductors and are considered a novel state of matter.

“Ultraconductors™ are patented materials being developed for commercial applications with the support of Chava Energy and are the subject of a landmark U.S. Patent 5,777,292, U.S. Patent 6,804,105 and equivalent patents pending worldwide.

“Ultraconductors™ are the result of more than 16 years of prior scientific research, peer-reviewed publication, independent laboratory testing, and 8 years of engineering development. From an engineering perspective, Ultraconductors™ are a fundamentally new and enabling technology, a ‘re lightweight, flexible, transparent medium possessing magnetic, electric, and electronic properties with exceptionally high commercial value. This technology was independently reproduced for the United States Air Force. Chava Energy continues to develop and improve upon wire and cable using room temperature polymer superconductive materials.

“Ultraconductor™ polymers are the only known materials of their kind and our proprietary technology includes the materials, means of fabrication, and application types. Ultimately, Ultraconductors™ offer unprecedented high performance and energy efficiency across a very broad range of products. They are made by the sequential processing of amorphous polar dielectric elastomers.

“Ultraconductors™ exhibit a set of anomalous magnetic and electric properties, including: very high electrical conductivity (> 1011 S/cm -1) and current densities (> 5 x 108 A/cm2), over a wide temperature range (1.8 to 700 K).

“The Ultraconductor™ properties are measured in discrete macromolecular structures which form over time after the processing. In present thin films (1 – 100 micron thickness) these structures, called ‘channels’, are typically 1 – 2 microns in diameter and 10 – 1000 microns apart.

“Using Ultraconductors™ for chip connectors solve a major technical issue for the semiconductor industry – one that still relies upon solder bumps to connect chips, further limiting chip size reduction. Our approach will promote the ability to create smaller chip designs that generate less heat.

“Ultraconductor Wire™ can be made by extending a channel to indefinite length. The technique has been demonstrated in principle. Connections between conducting structures is done with a metal electrode: when two channels are brought together they connect.

“From an engineering point of view, in many applications Ultraconductors can replace copper wire and current high temperature superconductors (which still require liquid nitrogen for cooling) . “

The great high points of Chava Co-founder Mark Goldes’ career in fraudcraft were the obtaining of four Small Business Innovative Research grants from the Unites States Air Force, which cost taxpayers roughly a half million dollars. In the fourteen years since the conclusion of the fourth project, MPI and Chava Energy have evidently made no further progress in this area, at all – but that has not stopped Goldes from pretending that Magnetic Power Inc, or Chava Energy LLC, or “Aesop Institute” will be making Revolutionary Breakthroughs involving “Ultraconductors” as soon as you give them your money. In fact, MPI’s own reports on the Ultraconductor contract projects consist of a succession of rosy and wonderful claims and predictions which went entirely unfulfilled by following projects, and remain unfulfilled today. It is necessary to understand that the “Ulraconductor” film was only “ultraconductive” to current across the thin dimension of the film – and not along the extensive dimensions. MPI asserted that they would develop a way to make the thin “ultraconductive” film thicker – and never did so. MPI asserted that they would develop a way to make “ultraconductive” wire – and never did so. MPI asserted that their enrichment method would become the key to making thicker film and wire – but the method never did so. MPI asserted that their “Ultraconductor” film would surely prove wonderfully useful for making thermoelectric devices – but once again, the rosy claims went unfulfilled. MPI asserted that they would figure out how to reposition the conductive channels so as to make the film “ultraconductive” along the plane of the film, instead of merely the thin dimension. They never did so.

5. Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage (UMES)

Even though neither MPI nor Chava Energy ever presented the slightest fulfillment of their endless claims to be on the verge of creating an Ultraconductor wire, and even though the creation of Ultraconductor wire would be a prerequisite for developing any Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage (UMES) system , that didn’t stop Chava Energy from pretending that they were already developing the UMES system. After all, if they could develop a “Fractional Hydrogen” engine utilizing a type of hydrogen that doesn’t exist, why shouldn’t they be able to develop an energy storage system utilizing a type of wire that doesn’t exist?

“Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) systems store energy in the magnetic field of a superconducting coil. Direct Current flow in a superconducting coil creates the magnetic field and will last forever while the coil is cryogenically cooled to a temperature below its superconductive critical temperature.

“A typical SMES system includes three parts: superconducting coil; power conditioning system; and cryogenically cooled refrigerator. Once the superconducting coil is charged, the current will not decay and the magnetic energy can be stored indefinitely.

“The stored energy can be released by discharging the coil. Because of its superconductive ability, SMES systems are highly efficient with the least amount of electricity loss in the transfer process compared to other currently known or utilized methods of energy storage.

“However, the requirement for cryogenic cooling makes SMES systems very expensive and often impracticable.

“Chava’s Ultraconductor technology eliminates the need for cryogenic cooling since our proprietary conductive polymer material is superconductive at room temperature.

“Chava’s is working towards achieving greater lengths of Ultraconductor Wire™ from which a room temperature Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage (UMES™) system can be made.

“UMES™ systems could be stacked and linked together to provide major utilities and industrial plant sites with efficient and cost effective energy storage. This allows for better planning for energy uses during the day and night without impacting present day power generation processes and would have substantial positive impact on lowering carbon footprints.

“In time, it is anticipated that UMES systems could be made small enough to be usable in numerous applications where peak energy demands are unpredictable or sporadic, such as in transportation systems like trains, marine vessels, automobiles, air transport.”

- But very recently, all of Chava Energy’s wonderful claims regarding Ultraconductor wires and energy storage tragically disappeared from their website – leaving only their sad and lonely Zero Point Energy Generator baloney to make Chava a self-proclaimed “leader in transformational energy solutions!”

And so, after saying our tearful goodbyes to the charming but empty-headed Baloney Shop Quartet of Chava Energy’s departed flimflam, we must now turn to the one last pathetic heap of flimflam that still remains, still making a proud stand in honor of its departed originator – Mark Goldes – until the bitter end, when it will go the way of all the rest of Chava’s flimflam.

6. Chava Energy’s Amazing Zero Point Energy “MagGen” Generators

Although Hagen Ruff has not yet entirely dropped the Zero Point Energy flimflam heap from, in fact he has removed some of it. Mr. Ruff now wants to pretend that Mark Goldes, the Chief Marketing Officer of Chava Energy for the past four years, actually had nothing to do with Chava Energy! So, no longer does the name “MagGen” even appear on Chava’s website, since this name was used by Mark Goldes at MPI (for his “Virtual Photon Flux” flimflam) even before Goldes came to Chava Energy. No longer does mention the patent numbers of the two devices which supposedly would be harnessing Zero Point Energy, according to Chava’s ludicrous pretenses – even though the patent applications never mention any Zero Point Energy at all. As anyone can verify on the Patent Office website, Chava Energy obtained both of the pretended Zero Point Energy patents from Mark Goldes’ previous company, MPI.

So, let’s look at some of the flimflam Chava Energy previously posted on their website regarding the “MagGen” devices, until its very recent removal:

“Our MagGen™ magnetic generators convert abundant, ambient and renewable energy sources that exist everywhere in the universe. Power Units can be small and lightweight, and made from non-toxic materials.”

“MagGen™: The Chava Magnetic Generator (MagGen™) breakthroughs offer several alternate routes to tapping the energy of quantum noise (Zero Point Energy) via the magnetic spin moment.”

“Chava has two U.S. Patents patents aimed at commercialization under the trademark of MagGen™. Patents #7,830,065 and #8,093,869 cover solid-state (no moving parts) magnetic generators. An early prototype produced an output, at a very low power level, of more than 100 times the input.

“The first patent titled ‘Solid State Electric Generator,’ was issued Nov 9,2010. The second titled ‘Apparatus for Generating Electricity…’ issued January 10,2012. Several prototypes of more advanced devices have been built and an additional, very broad, patent application has also been filed. All power generation modules can be combined, in a manner similar to solar cells, to provide larger amounts of power. We expect to file an additional thirty (30) patents over the next three (3) years for various magnetic power device designs.”

Hagen Ruff removed the information of the “MagGen” name and of the patent numbers, because this information reflects the involvement of Mark Goldes and MPI in Chava’s Zero Point Energy flimflam heap. But in fact the two patents that Chava Energy obtained from Goldes’ MPI are the only patents Chava Energy owns. This may be part of the reason why Hagen Ruff couldn’t bear to drop his Zero Point Energy pretense entirely.

7. Conclusion.

If Chava Energy’s claims regarding their pretended Revolutionary Breakthrough development of “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” engines, Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, “Ultraconductor” wire, “Ultraconductor Energy Storage Systems,” and Zero Point Energy harvesting “MagGen” generators were not false and fraudulent, why did Hagen Ruff suddenly remove those claims from Chava’s website?

In fact, all of those fraudulent claims came originally from the very same source: Chava Energy Co-founder and Marketing Officer Mark Goldes, and Goldes’ previous company, Magnetic Power Inc.

We do find and state that Hagen Ruff’s Chava Energy LLC has made a great many utterly false and fraudulent claims and statements, showing very unscrupulous dishonesty, on the matters of “Fractional Hydrogen” engines, Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, and “MagGen” generators that supposedly harness Zero Point Energy. Chava Energy’s claims and statements regarding “Ultraconductor” wire and “Ultraconductor Energy Storage Systems” were also false and dishonest to some degree, in various ways.


Notes On Chava Energy’s Water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Flimflam

Here is a link to Andreas Rathke’s paper, “A critical analysis of the hydrino model:”

And here is some more information:

And here is Randell Mills’ hydrino-power patent application 6024935, “Hydrogen atoms and cells for energy extraction:”

Notes On Chava Energy’s Ambient Heat Thermionic Converter Flimflam

Here is Cyril Smith’s 2008 “Proposal For A Room-temperature Thermionic Converter,” from which the Chava Energy website flimflam on ambient temperature Thermionic Converters was evidently taken. (The website quotes a sentence from it that leaves the impression that they have already created and demonstrated this device – but that is obviously not the case. )

Here is some information on thermionic converters:

And here is Britannica’s article on thermionic power converters:

Notes On Chava Energy’s “Zero Point Energy” Flimflam

Chava Energy says on their website: “Our MagGen™ technologies are the subject of two pending U.S. patent applications covering solid-state magnetic generators. An early prototype of one of them produced an output, at a very low power level, of more than 100 times the input. This first pending patent is titled “Solid State Electric Generator,” under Application no. US 2006/0163971 and is dated July 27th 2006.”

Here is the application for publication number 20060163971 . See if you can find any use of “Virtual Photon Flux” or Zero Point Energy, as Goldes and Ruff have variously pretended:

Posted by RrobertMiller on Jun. 30, 2014 @ 12:56 pm

Although Chava Energy LLC did not file as an LLC until May 2010, the Chava Energy website was presented in April 2009, and both Hagen Ruff and Mark Goldes were already in 2009 referring to Chava Energy as a new business entity. From the outset until his very recent ejection from Chava Energy LLC, Mark Goldes was listed and described on Chava Energy’s “Team Members” page as “Co-founder” as well as “Chief Market Research Officer.” But in fact Goldes’ true role was not to conduct “Market Research,” but to attract investors and solicit investments. Accordingly, Mark Goldes made continual use for five years, until his recent ejection, of his Chava Energy email address ( to communicate with prospective investors, many of whom had no doubt learned of Chava Energy from one of Goldes’ countless internet postings claiming “revolutionary energy breakthroughs.”

Despite the fact that Chava Energy itself for five years had described Mark Goldes on the Chava Energy website as a Co-founder and Chief Officer, and despite the fact that hundreds of people all over the world have received emails in which Goldes describes himself as Co-founder of Chava Energy, and despite the fact that dozens of web pages still cached by Google show beyond question that Chava Energy regarded Goldes as a Co-founder and employed him as an active Chief Officer from the very start until recently, we are now told by the other Co-founder of Chava Energy, Hagen Ruff, that far from being any Co-founder or Chief Officer of Chava Energy, Mark Goldes was not even part of it, at all!

After finally very recently ejecting Mark Goldes from Chava Energy, Hagen Ruff embarked on a ludicrous effort to deny any involvement of Mark Goldes in Chava Energy LLC. For example, he has stated in a forum comment:

“During a personal financial event of Mark [Goldes] in 2012 we decided to cease operations of Chava LLC and created a new company ‘Chava Energy LLC’, which Mark [Goldes] was no longer part of.”

Ruff has very recently removed the entry for Mark Goldes on Chava Energy’s list of “Team Members,” which described Mark Goldes as:

“Mark Goldes, Co-Founder, CMRO (Chief Market Research Officer)”

Read more:

Posted by RrobertMiller on Jul. 09, 2014 @ 8:10 pm

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