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An introduction to sustainable style



Why haunt the mall when San Francisco has a plethora of homegrown makers? Eco-friendly apparel defies stereotypes (it's not just hemp dresses anymore) thanks to independent, multi-brand shops like the Mission District's Gravel & Gold (www.gravelandgold.com) and new Hayes Valley spot Gather (www.gathersf.com), both of which thoughtfully select products to create a connection with the craftspeople behind the designs. Progressive street style brands like San Franpsycho (www.sanfranpsycho.com) and Oaklandish (www.oaklandish.com) celebrate local love while keeping their manufacturing nearby. You can also find city blocks packed with locally made goods at craft and street fairs like the roving Urban Air Market (www.urbanairmarket.com).

But be wary. A label reading "Made in the US" does not guarantee the garment was produced under fair labor conditions. Despite labor laws, sweatshops still exist on our shores. Be an informed, aware shopper, and make sure your dollars are supporting an ethical company before you make a purchase. *



However, if you perform the basic DIY functions on this list,
you will limit the potential damage and make it much easier
for the pros when you do have to call them out.

The housing market is tough, and those looking to
upgrade their homes often find themselves stuck. In some cases it can take the dirt away that your house is sitting on, so the nice stable dirt that your home was sitting on can be getting washed away down the drains.

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