Esta Noche

Drop a house

SUPER EGO Will Pink Saturday go the way of Halloween in the Castro? Plus: Wizard of Odd, Soundwave Festival, Bardot A Go Go, and Esta Noche's return (for one night only!)


SUPER EGO Some of us fabulous fairies caught flailing in the ratty-tutu-and-trucker-cap tornado of Pink Saturday, during this year's Pride celebrations, were like, "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Castro, anymore."Read more »

Bar none

SUPER EGO: What the holy highballs is happening to our bar scene? Plus: Pound Puppy, Jay Tripwire, Drink, Barem, Voices from the Lake, more nightlife


SUPER EGO So a toothy blonde pretend social media exec, a blindingly sequined Latina drag queen, a huge rack of elk antlers with hot-pink panties on them, and a pair of Google Glasses walk into a "punk bar" ...Read more »

Nite Trax: Esta Noche to close, adios Esta Noche


Not even a guest starring role on Looking could save beloved Latino-oriented gay dive Esta Noche, alas! According to Eater SF, the Mission favorite is being sold by its owners -- reportedly willingly -- to the team behind SoMa meat market Wish.

The new owners take over next week, but will keep things the same for a while, in order for everyone to have some time to say goodbye. (New Mission businesses, please take note: this is how you help avoid a PR nightmare.) Then get ready for more craft cocktails and loungey vibes, Missionites! Ugh.

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Party Radar: Save Esta Noche!


Many of us barely remember growing up there, meeting our first hot papi, trying out our first cha cha heels on stage, and living the Selena dream. And some of us go back every week to relive those experiences! Now, that many-mirrored treasure trove of characters, Esta Noche, may have to close its doors -- forever.  

The city's only (official) Latin gay bar owes the city $7,000 and may be history if it can't cough it up in the next two weeks. But you know the fundraising party Sat/18 is gonna be fabuloso.

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