Mar calls for hearing on recycling center evictions


An eviction crisis of a different sort has hit San Francisco, as one by one, recycling centers are closing across the city. Supervisor Eric Mar today called for a hearing on recycling center closures, to measure the impact on the city’s poor and its zero waste policies. 

“I’ve heard from many of our residents that (the closures) will have severe impact on the low and no income members of our community,” Mar said at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting. “Many are immigrants who rely on this stream of income.”Read more »

Eviction of activist/gardener squatters follows HANC's eviction


About 20 activist gardeners were thrown out of the old Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council (HANC) Recycling Center space today, when Sheriff's Department deputies and four park rangers surrounded the old HANC site and ordered them to leave.Read more »

More recycling fallout

Small businesses gird for high fees after HANC closure


The unintended consequences of closing the Haight Ashbury's only recycling center are about to ripple through small businesses in the neighborhood. As the recycling center's final days loom, merchants are gearing up to face new fees — as much as $100 a day.

But they may get a reprieve sooner than they think.

State law requires stores that sell beverages in cans and bottles to take them back for recycling -- unless there's a functioning recycling center within a half-mile radius.Read more »

Sorry, Chuck -- HANC eviction hasn't happened


The eviction of the Haight Asbury Neighborhood Council’s recycling center, which critics of the center said was scheduled to take place Dec. 5, hasn’t happened – and it’s entirely possible that the center could keep operating for several more weeks.Read more »


The city's eviction of HANC's recycling center could harm local businesses along with the gardeners and recyclers



So much for the holiday spirit.

In a win for the NIMBY neighbors of the Haight neighborhood, the Haight Ashbury Recycling Center was gifted with its final eviction notice, ordering it out on the street by the day this story goes to print, Dec. 5.

But those who hoped this eviction would rid the neighborhood of poor people recycling bottles and cans may be disappointed — and so might local small businesses that could face some unintended consequences of the move.Read more »

HANC evicted, but the poor recyclers could remain in the Haight


In a win for the gentrifiers of the Haight Ashbury, the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council's (HANC) Recycling Center has been issued an official eviction notice, posted by the Sheriff's Department, and is slated to be out on the street by this Wednesday, Dec. 5. But those who hoped this would rid the neighborhood of poor people recycling bottles and cans may be disappointed.Read more »

Profiling those who rely on HANC, which the city is evicting (VIDEO)


The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council's (HANC) Recycling Center has fought for the past decade to stay in its tiny corner of Golden Gate Park, behind Kezar stadium, and it may be days from closing. It’s been served with eviction notices from the city and weathered political tirades from politicians on pulpits, and most recently, saw its eviction appeal denied by California’s Supreme Court.Read more »

Reduce, re-use, replace

HANC challenges the city's eviction rationale by adding a community garden to its embattled recycling operation


Greg Gaar knows the names, characteristics, and birds and butterflies attracted by every plant in the native plant nursery that he tends. Last week, he proudly toured me through the garden, pointing out plants like Yarrow ("great for bees and butterflies") and the beautiful flowers of the Crimson Columbine, of which Gaar believes there are "only two others left in San Francisco." Read more »