Port of Oakland rejects deceptive contract bid by Black Muslim security firm

Port of Oakland President Cestra Butner discussed the BMT Security contract during yesterday's meeting.

Editor’s Note: This report, which appears in today’s Oakland Tribune, is part of the continuing efforts of the Chauncey Bailey Project, a joint investigation by various media outlets (including the Bay Guardian) into the 2007 murder of Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey by members of Your Black Muslim Bakery.

By Thomas Peele and Matt O’Brien, Bay Area News Group

OAKLAND — Admitting they nearly entered into a deal with a questionable security company now under investigation, Port of Oakland commissioners on yesterday [Thu/27] Thursday vowed to revamp their contracting process.

“We came very close to approving a bad contract,” Commissioner Michael Colbruno said. “The whole procurement process” should be reviewed.

The commissioners voted 6-0 to back out of a contract with BMT International Security Services, which had submitted bogus references and credentials to win a $450,000 deal to patrol two shoreline parks.

The port has extended its existing contract with ABC Security to guard a 42-acre shoreline through the end of the year. Colbruno added that the port needs to have a better screening process.

Commission President Cestra Butner agreed.

“This commission will take our lumps if we did anything wrong,” he said. “We want to make sure we get things right. … I don’t want anything slipped under the rug.”

BMT, which is linked to Oakland’s defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery, had been in final negotiations with the port when this newspaper reported that its proposal contained references to work at other government agencies that had no record of ever doing business with it. The firm also appears to have inflated the credentials of its managers.

The company is now being investigated by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office and the state Department of Consumer Affairs. A former Oakland police officer also said in court papers that he believes the company stole a security company license number from him that he let lapse in 2008 when he retired.

BMT told the port that it had worked for BART, the San Joaquin County Housing Authority and the Riverside Transit Agency, but those agencies had no record of hiring the company. The firm also lost contracts with Alameda County and the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles when staff at those agencies discovered the Oakland company submitted apparently false insurance certification.

At least one Bay Area government noticed before awarding a contract that something appeared wrong with BMT’s credentials.

In 2011, the Vallejo City Council rejected a BMT proposal after city staff reported that the listed references were not calling back and one claimed to not know the company. BMT unsuccessfully appealed and some of its employees spoke out at a public meeting.

BMT sought another Vallejo contract in 2012 but again failed to win it. BMT owner Rory Parker sued the North Bay city in December, claiming she and her company experienced disparate treatment “because of their race, which is Black, and because of their religion, which is of the Islamic faith.”

The firm is run out of a Black Muslim temple in West Oakland whose minister, Dahood Sharieff Bey, was an associate of Your Black Muslim Bakery and a disciple of its founder, Yusuf Bey. Yusuf Bey touted his business enterprise as empowering African Americans, but prosecutors have described it as a wide-ranging criminal organization involved in violent crimes, real estate fraud and identity theft.

The bakery collapsed in 2007 when its members, led by Yusuf Bey IV, killed three men, including Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey. Bey IV is now serving a life prison term without parole. Prosecutors and police have linked five unsolved homicides to the bakery.

Dahood Bey, the minister who identified himself at a recent Oakland council meeting as “Mr. Pasha,” was tried for torture in 2010 but pleaded guilty to lesser charges when the jury could not reach a verdict. His co-defendant in that case, Basheer Fard Muhammad, has been the public face of BMT at port and other government meetings, urging officials to give it contracts.

BMT owner Rory Parker is Dahood Bey’s mother. The company also claimed in its port proposal to have a retired, Harvard-educated FBI agent serving as its chief financial officer and that its guards include former Secret Service agents.

Law enforcement records show San Francisco police officers arrested Muhammad in Oakland on Feb. 25 on suspicion of receiving stolen property, which was described as a “refrigerated sandwich table.” He was jailed for two days and released after the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute him. San Francisco police spokesman Sgt. Eric O’Neal has refused to release details about the case despite repeated requests.

BMT is also seeking a contract to work for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, but transit officials there would not disclose any information about the bid until they finish evaluating all the proposals in May.

- See more at: http://www.chaunceybaileyproject.org/2014/03/28/port-of-oakland-unanimou...





murdering scum, also from Oakland non-coincidentally.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 12:31 pm

Let me get this straight, so when your company is denied a contract because it provided false references and credentials, submitted false certifications, and was connected to a criminal enterprise tied to murders, fraud, and theft, it's because they're racist and you sue??? It would be funny if it didn't work so often.

If anyone has any questions as to why a lot of people automatically toss charges of racism right out the window as "playing the race card", here is exhibit A as to why.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 2:06 pm

here's the comical part, everyone knew the Black Muslims were a kook operation, other than the the Bay Guardian crowd.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 8:18 pm

Those Black Muslims have nothing to do with the Black Panthers. Are you serious? 2 totally different agendas and causes. And what about Oakland? So the city isn't filled with "murdering scum?". Do you remember the "Pink Palace" and the wasteland it was for murder? Geneva Towers in the Bayview, where innocent mothers were thrown from windows to there deaths by "murderous scum" drug dealers. Not to mention the "Zebra Killings", carried out by "black" murderous scum from San Francisco, if that's what you were trying to say in your comment. SF's black community wish it had the guts to start a movement for their people with half the intentions of the Black Panthers, and the people Oakland had. Please!

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 4:40 pm

Both speak to the out of control nature of black crime in Oakland

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 4:52 pm

I dunno. I think a better analogy would be to Jim Jones's People's Temple in SF. Both were built around a cult of personality. Both were seen as a form of "empowerment" by "people of color" so progressive politicians latched onto them. Both were backed by progressives who either overlooked (or didn't know) about their illegal activities.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 6:42 pm

Looks like Oakland dodged a bullet. Good for them.

Like the story says, this is a criminal organization that once enjoyed legitimacy from local politicians.

Those days are long gone.

Posted by missiondweller on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 8:03 pm

No one hates intolerance of intolerant religious nuts like American progressives.

If the intolerant are 'Christians" then they get all worked up, of it's nutty non Christians then there is cause for a dialog, then a discussion group followed by some hugging and talking about the white manacracy.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 8:23 pm

That's the rub isn't it? When some crazy far right wing Christian attacks an abortion clinic, progressives start screaming about the oppressive and violent nature of religion in general and Christianity in particular. When a group of Muslims attack a daycare center and a charity that is trying to de-mine Afghanistan, those same progressives admonish people to not judge Islam because of a few "crazies". They tell people that groups like the Taliban, Al Shabbab, and Abu Sayaf are a fringe minority and don't represent Muslims in general and that Islam is the "religion of peace". Never mind that there are more Muslim terror attacks worldwide in one week than the total number of abortion clinic attacks ever.

The other thing that irks me is how whenever someone brings up how Muslim terrorists constantly attack non-Muslims because of their religious beliefs, some idiot progressive will say: "Well Christianity has its own sordid history of oppressing religious minorities. Look at the Crusades." True enough. Except that the Crusades were a millennia ago while these guys are pulling this crap here in the 21st century.

Posted by Guest on Mar. 29, 2014 @ 2:39 pm

document the difference between the black Muslims that are bad here, and the ones in San Francisco that the SFBG defended before Chauncey was killed.

Years ago the SFBG defended the riotous antics of San Francisco black Muslims that attacked a guy at a neighborhood meeting for bringing his legal firearm into a "church," for a public meeting advertised as such by the black Muslims.

Extreme religion is for kooks in general, while Black Muslims are probably at the head of the parade. East Bay vs SF, probably not much of a qualitative difference.

Why are violent religious nuts only bad sometimes?

Posted by Guest on Mar. 28, 2014 @ 8:13 pm

Classic Islamist mind set. Blame everybody else but not yourself because you are a Muslim. This happens in the Middle East every day.

Posted by Dani on Mar. 30, 2014 @ 4:02 pm

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